Hi, this is Katie, and I like Wolves!!!!!!!
Just another useful tool...
A grey wolf, or Canis Lupus
Thanks to Wikipedia for this picture!

Ok, for my first reason I made this site, you need to know more about wolves.
Now you have a choice. You can have me show you the site in a sort of tour, or you can show yourself using the hyperlinks at the bottom of this and every page.
Whatever your choice, I hope you find this website useful.
I would like to show you how a wolf pack works.

or you can show yourself around.
How a wolf pack works
Where they live
What they're like
Just an example
*All wolves are awesome, but unless otherwise stated, this site applies to Canis Lupus, or the gray wolf.
Sorry if some entries are a bit brief, I am just trying to get this site online.